Viatcheslav Sharyy is a senior researcher in the Particle Physics Division of the Institute of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe (IRFU), CEA-Saclay, France
He got his Ph.D. degree in physics from Novosibirsk State University and Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Russia in 2002. He was hired by the French Atomic Energy Commission in 2004. In 2015, he obtained his HDR (Habilitation to Supervise the Research)  from University Paris-Sud at Orsay.
During the years he carried out experiments in the particle physics at the electron-positron collider in Novosibirk, experiments with electron beam at CERN,  and experiments at the proton-antiproton collider at Fermilab. His main focus in research was the study of the top quark and development of the advanced radiation detectors.
Since 2013 Viatcheslav Sharyy is working on the development of the cutting-edge detectors for PET, with the main focus on use of the time-of-flight technique for the improvement of the PET image quality and lowering the dose received by the patient.
April 20 - 21, 2017 | V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University | Kharkiv, Ukraine
The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)
Viatcheslav SHARYY
Letion: Introduction in Medical Physics